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From: Randy Smith

Okay - Headlines over with, The Free Gifts are at the bottom, So do you mind if I get straight into it?

On these pages you will Not find any OTO's (one time offers)!,
You Won't have any *Compulsory sign up's* to get to the next page!,
And there'll be No Hyped Up $197 - Must Have products to buy!

Just 5 minutes of common sense truth, followed by choices......... Can You Handle That? - Great let's move on.

Firstly let me say to the Marketing Pro's that are already earning Money, These first few lines are all you'll need to read.
You will probably have some of the products that are for sale here (with resell rights).

However, I dare say you paid a good deal more for them....... But look at it this way - if only 10% of each offer is new to you - for the prices I'm charging ..... it's still a bargain!!

So I invite you to stop here ---
Have a look at the links to the left and buy what you can use,
Then come back and join my mailing list Just to keep updated with new bargains as I add them.

Now let me speak to the Newbie's :)

Here goes -
If you're reading this far - Then can I assume you're either a 'Newbie' or you are like I used to be?

I started Trying to earn money online in late 2000, I say trying - because I never had any success for

It makes me laugh sometimes to think that I Wasted nearly 5 years jumping from one 'Get Rich Quick Scheme' to another, and spending what has added up to Thousands of Dollars chasing that dream!!

My Problem was that I believed the Promises of Instant Wealth, and bought into one program after another, Always believing that the reason none 'Worked' was because I was doing something wrong, So I'd try a different one!

I'd join every site that 'Had a Secret System', Only to be hit with masses of other programs I must subscribe and pay monthly for.... OR ... the OTO (one time offer) that I must have and must Buy It Now

Buy it or Not I still wasn't making any money!
But then I got countless emails a week (sometime a day!), Telling me Their friend had just launched the 'amazing deal of the decade' that I must have if ever I wanted to succeed on the net!

Hey Friend, By now you're either thinking 'What a sucker that Randy Smith was' Or you may well be thinking 'I know where he's coming from'

So what's the deal here then?

"Help enough other people get what they want - and you'll get what you want" ... (Zig Ziglar)

Introducing "Randy's Ramblings"
(Bargains, Reviews & Freebies Newsletter)

  • Free Business Building Guides (with resell rights) to
        help you start off

  • Free Niche Booklets (with resell rights) an added

  • Regular Freebies to help build you build a profitable

  • New Bargains added every month that you can
        Profit from - and Always a True Bargain!

  • Even better 'Hidden' page bargains offered to my

  • Honest Reviews of any 'non rights' products I buy

  • Tips and Advice to save you time and money

  • Always available to answer individual emails
    Randy Smith - An Experienced Newbie!

    It took me a long time (and I'm still practicing) to start wearing my BS deflectors whenever I read a sales page.
    Here's where I'm at now -
    Since mid 2005 I've been making regular money online, I'm in profit every month.
    Hey - I'm No Guru, although I do know some very successful people whom some call Guru's.

    I can't teach you to make 7 figure incomes. (Yet)
    But I can point you in the right direction to make a profit!

    You might even call me A Very Experienced
    Between my various sites and acquaintances, I have access to a vast range of products that should cost Far in Excess of what I sell them for, But you'd get a regular update of new products at Bargain Prices

    I get solid sound advice of which products are 'worthy' and which are a 'waste of hard earned cash', and naturally I'll pass on the good and the bad reviews to save you wasting your cash!

    Not being a 7 figure Guru Means I'm available (and have the time) to communicate with people. My sole aim is to help people who are in the same situation I was, and live up to Zig's Quote in order to help myself too!

    Whether you buy anything or not - you can still benefit from my 'Ramblings' and I'd love to have you as a subscriber You have my guarantee that your details will never be sold or passed on to anyone for any reason
    You can stay with me and benefit, Or unsubscribe at any time (you get to keep all the

    So I'd like to invite you to Join my newsletter by filling out the boxes below
    Your First Gifts are detailed below the boxes - they're yours to keep once you have confirmed your email, Regardless of whether you stay with me!

    And on that note I'll let you make your choice -
    If you've got this far and choose not to join me, I would like to invite you back at anytime.
    In the mean time - do click your way through the current Bargains and see how great a deal you get here.

    Alternatively - Pop your details in the boxes below, confirm you've asked for them, and 14 Business Building Guides And 10 Niche Booklets are yours to help you on your way. (All with Resell Rights)


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    Randy Smith

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